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I have been in contact with this game for 9 years, which is 269 days without sleep, accounting for 3% of my current life.
If you are a King of Glory player, click on the personal homepage to find out your game rounds, multiply it by 20 (minutes), you can get similar data.
These quantified data are chilling, for no other reason, just because the first word that flashed into my mind was "a waste of time."
Then I started to blame myself, closed the interface hastily, opened the ppt and conceived the non-existent plan in front of the blank screen, completely forgetting that it was already 2:00 in the morning.
Said it is a concept, but it is actually just knocking on a bunch of words that have no practical effect, as if as long as one page of A4 paper is filled, anxiety will be squeezed out.
"I have to do something, I have to do something, I have to do something."
The lingering voice is my own.Even if I put on my eye masks and earplugs and lie down in the dark, this inner monologue still hits my body like ten thousand spotlights. Every time I hear a sentence, my body gets hotter. I keep turning over and adjusting my sleeping posture to prevent it from being burned. , But it doesn't help.
I simply sat up, only to find that it was dawn.
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